Importance of disability awareness and how to promote them.

We all know that everyone deserves a chance to live their best life, irrespective of their physical and mental abilities. Unfortunately, many people with physical disabilities often face challenges in leading a dignified life. They are denied the basic facilities and equal opportunities as others. That’s where disability services come in! 


They are like a helping hand, offering support and resources to make their lives a little less difficult. Just like TRRAIN, which are always striving to provide sustainable livelihood opportunities to people with disabilities and other discriminated sections of our society.


But here’s the thing: a lot of people don’t know about these services! Did you know that a report suggested that 65% of People with Disabilities are not even aware of disability support services? That’s why it’s so important to spread awareness about disability services. Think about it, the more people know, the more they can understand, and the more they can help! So, how can we do this? 


Here are 5 easy ways to shine a light on disability services and make a real difference:

5 Ways to spread awareness about disability services

The world is not always fair to differently-abled people. They often face discrimination and prejudice. Disability services are like heroes for them, as they provide support and resources to individuals with disabilities, ensuring they have access to opportunities and a quality life – just like everyone else.

Spreading awareness about these services is important so that more and more people can benefit from them and society can become a better place for everyone in it. 

Here are five simple yet effective ways to spread awareness about disability services.

  • Spread the word with social media:


Social media is addictive – and probably in today’s world, there is no one who is not using social media. Social media is probably the most powerful there is, as the content travels fast through social media. So why not leverage this speed and accessibility into doing something better than sharing just pictures? From inspiring quotes about disability awareness to spreading a nice video about someone helping a person with disabilities. Don’t forget to use hashtags like #disabilityawareness, #accessibility, and #wearewithyou, etc. to reach a wider audience and create more impact.

  • Let people know your story:


Nothing touches lives better than personal stories and experiences. If you have personal experience with disability services – being a part of a service, or by personally benefiting from one – share your story! It can be a powerful way to show others how these services can make a difference in one’s life. Talking about your journey can help remove stigma and inspire others to seek support. You can use your social media account, or if you like writing, create a blog space for your words. 

  • Associate with NGOs:


There are lots of amazing organisations dedicated to disability services and making a positive impact in their lives. By donating to a cause you care about, such as sustainable livelihood donation to a relevant organization, becoming a volunteer, or even spreading the word about their work, you will be doing a great deal of help to such organisations. Believe us when we say this, no donation is too small, and no help goes unnoticed – every little bit helps! 

  • Be a part of relevant local events:


Again, thanks to social media, news about events and programs related to disability services travels fast. Many NGOs have social media accounts where they post about such events. Check out those events related to disability awareness or advocacy. Maybe it’s a fundraiser, a workshop, or even a community gathering. Volunteering your time is a great way to learn more and connect with others. And hey, you might even meet some amazing people!

  • Collaborate with local organisations and authorities:


Local authorities and organizations such as schools and colleges are an excellent platform for spreading awareness about disability services. Collaborating with these institutions can give you a great amount of exposure. One great way of doing this is by developing and implementing educational programs that include lessons on disability awareness. Another way of doing it is to invite speakers who are experts in disability services or who have personal experiences with disabilities. Hearing directly from those who are affected can be very powerful.


Why is it necessary to spread awareness about disability support services? 


There are so many reasons why there needs to be conversations about this topic and these are just some of them – 

  • Spreading awareness about disability services is a must for creating an inclusive society where everyone has the opportunity to flourish and make a life for themselves. 


  • It’s about creating a world where everyone feels welcome and included.


  • It’s about understanding and accepting that people with disabilities also have unique talents, skills, and perspectives that can enrich our communities. 


  • It’s about breaking down barriers and creating a more just and equitable society. 


We all need to remember that spreading awareness about disability services is about more than just spreading information about them. It’s about creating a world where empathy, understanding, and inclusivity stand above physical abilities. By being a part of the awareness efforts and through sustainable livelihood donations, we are helping the NGOs and disability services to make a difference that the world needs!



    Founded in 2011 by B.S. Nagesh, Trust for Retailers and Retail Associates of India (TRRAIN) is a 12A, 80G, public charitable trust that aims to catalyse a change in the retail industry by empowering people through retail and allied sectors in creating sustainable livelihoods for Persons with Disabilities and Young Women from marginalised backgrounds.

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